Recordings of 'The Binding/Ühendus


'Haapsalu'-                                Harp Accompaniment                 'Weymouth' 
Sung by the EKA Choir           Played by Rory Pilgrim                 Sung by London Chorus
mp3                                         mp3                                              mp3



For a reflection and celebration for the celebration of the website, the piece of music was recorded by two different choirs. TheThe Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Choir singing as the town of Haapsalu and singers from The London Chorus singing as the town of Weymouth. Also recorded was the accompaning harp part, played by Rory Pilgrim. These recording were played simultaneously in the separate spaces seen above throughout the period of reflection.


On the 13th of June at 7pm, to celebrate the release of the website 'The Binding' was performed as a whole by 'Morley College Chamber Choir' accompanied by Rory Pilgrim on the Harp ( see here). For the remainder of the celebration until the 18th of June, separate recordings of the parts from each town remained playing simultaneously in spaces in London (see here). This reflecting upon the true connection that could be made by the people of Weymouth and Haapsalu.


To listen to the music click on the pictures of the spaces at the top of the page.






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