Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Koor recording for the town of Haapsalu




On the 6th of April the Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Koor was recorded in Tallinn, singing as the town of Haapsalu in 'The Binding', a piece written to be used in the future by the two towns. The recording was made for the celebration of the release of the website. After a very dedicated and rewarding 4 hours and rehersals made in the weeks before, the recording was completed.

The Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Koor are a group of 10 singers who meet twice a week at the Estonian Art Academy. The members of the choir are students at the Academy, sharing a passion for singing. For the recording, the choir was kindly and tremendously conducted by Endrik Üksvärav.

The recording was played simultaneously with a recording of the London Chorus singing as the town of Weymouth in London, starting on the 9th of June, 2008, 4 days prior to the release of the website. The recordings was played separately in different spaces, so not to spoil the moment when the towns will truly come together.


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