'From Across the Sea'

A celebration of music, language and flowers for what may be...



Between the 13th and 18th of June 2008, a celebration took place in London after the release of 'www.weymouthaapsalu.com'. The celebration started with a performance of 'The Binding' on the 13th of June by Morley Chamber Choir and Rory Pilgrim at 7pm.

For the remainder of the celebration until the 18th of June, the recordings of the EKA Koor and singers from the London Chorus remained playing simultaneously in separate spaces in London. This reflecting upon the connection that could be truly made by the people of Weymouth and Haapsalu.

Continuing from the period of reflection in a space in London set up four days prior to the release of the website, the space became one of celebration after its release. The two flower arrangements made by Joan Cobbold and Cheryl Todd were replenished for the celebration, and the stage made by Malcolm Todd remained.


Entrance to the room of Celebration




Room of Celebration


Room of Celebration


Computer displaying 'www.weymouthaapsalu.com'


Flowers by Joan Cobbold


Flowers by Joan Cobbold


Chair and Programme


Watering Can


Rory Pilgrim watering the flowers


Score of 'The Binding' displayed


Picture of 'The Binding'


Estonian Academy of Art Choir recording as the town of Haapsalu heard in stairwell


Stairwell View of 8 floors below


The London Chorus recording as the town of Weymouth heard


Flowers and Programmes


Place of harp recording heard and performance space for Morley Chamber Choir


Performance space of 'Weymouth'


Performance space of 'Haapsalu'




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