A Private Reflection of Flowers and Music


Before the release of the website a reflection took place before the towns of Haapsalu and Weymouth were connected together by the website. A space of reflection in London was set up with flower arrangements made by Joan Cobbold and Cheryl Todd and a stage made by Malcolm Todd.

Heard in two different spaces were recordings of the Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Koor and the singers from the London Chorus singing as the two towns. A recording of the harp from 'The Binding/Ühendus' played by Rory Pilgrim was also heard. The recordings were played simultaneously, their separation reflecting upon the time that the towns were not connected.


Room of Reflection


Room of Reflection


Flowers by Joan Cobbold


Flowers by Joan Cobbold


Rory Pilgrim watering the flowers


Estonian Academy of Art Choir recording as the town of Haapsalu heard


The London Chorus recording as the town of Weymouth heard


The Harp recording from 'The Binding' heard

Speaker on upper Bridge


View from the Upper Bridge in the space where harp recording heard




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