Performance of 'The Binding/Ühendus'

On the 13th of June a performance was made to celebrate the release of this website that day, and the potential friendship that could be made between Haapsalu and Weymouth in the future.

Prior to this, 4 days of reflection took place in spaces in London before the the towns are connected by the website. Recordings of the Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia Koor singing as the town of Haapsalu and singers from the London Chorus singing as the town of Haapsalu were played simultaniously and seperatly in spaces in London in this time. On the day of the websites release the piece of music was performed for the first time by Morley Chamber Choir, accompanied by harpist Rory Pilgrim in London.

Morley Chamber are a choir of 25 singers who are attatched to Morley College, Waterloo, London. They are conducted by Robert Hanson, who is also a composer. The choir enjoy singing a wide repertoire from Medieval to Contemporary.

For more information about Morley College Chamber Choir- www.morleychamberchoir.org.uk


Singing as Haapsalu


Singing as Weymouth






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